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Title: Newlyweds. ( HaeHyuk Version. ]
Author: Azora_S
Pairing: Donghae x Eunhyuk
Rating: PG-13
Length: Chapter four / ? - Previous chapters can be found --  here
Genre: Fluff? Comedy. Romance. Fail at life.

Summary: A story revolving around the loving newlyweds, Donghae and Eunhyuk. Who live an amazing sweet life, except for the fact that they hate each others guts. - But besides all the pulling hair, putting salt in each others food and making sure the other gets attacked by hungry squirrels, all is good. Though what would happen if one day ... mother is law wants to meet them?


Eunhyuk’s glaze quickly fell onto the circular clock. He watched the barley visible arrows tick their way gradually, telling the world it’s time.

12:34 am, was quickly read as the redhead sighed, his eyes now averting back to the other Lee as both exited the washroom after their nightly brush. Eunhyuk preferred having to brush his teeth alone but somehow he couldn’t get his husband to overcome his lazy antics and un-cuff him, causing another awkward moment, with just the sound of the tap running but somehow even through the tongue-tied atmosphere, Eunhyuk slightly, just slightly enjoyed the other’s presence.


“Bedtime...” Eunhyuk cooed, already blissful at the thought of snuggling into the beautiful designed blankets. – And now that Donghae felt the guilt and released his wrist from the metal chain, promising the redhead he’ll definitely put it back on later, Eunhyuk brightly smiled. All he needed to do right now was change into the clothes, Donghae threw earlier at him.

Therefore finding himself locked back into the washroom, Eunhyuk placed the other’s clothes carefully on top of the counter. His hands already prying at the side of his sweater as he began to undress himself.

And minutes after, seeing his newly changed reflection in the mirror, he tilted his head. The clothes were not to perfect size in appearance but to him they were. Especially the extra space he could create with the fresh looseness. He could feel the shirt hang free on him, nearly showing all of his collar bone and maybe even more if he bent down, he could even smell the fragrance aroma that could be without a doubt recognized as Donghae’s but even through all that...

A smile sketched his lips. And before he knew it, he was out the door. Completely forgetting the whole situation of a half-nude Donghae … that was until he saw a half-nude Donghae, or well the beginning of a half-nude Donghae and there his legs completely abandoned him as he stood right before the male, his eyes capturing the breath-taking view of the other taking off his shirt.

Donghae, who was completely unaware of the flustered redhead, grabbed the side of his collar. Tugging the nuisance of a shirt with one pull. The light from the television shined as Eunhyuk watched the sudden flesh appear before his eyes and sooner then later, he knew he was drooling over a shirtless Hae.

The male’s chest obviously athletic as his darker tanned skin surrounded the beauty. His worked for abs flawlessly shown as well as the big lump muscles from his arm. His body wasn’t too muscular like Siwon’s but it wasn’t too skinny like his, in fact it was more then words can describe. – But he wasn’t going to admit that anytime now.

“Hurry up and go to bed, I don’t want to hear your morning nags tomorrow.” – Yup he definitely wasn’t going to admit it. – And with a scoff, Eunhyuk helplessly peeled his glaze off the other, his flushed cheeks fading back to normal. As he huffed his way in bed. Clearly ignoring the other’s smirk. “Jerk…”


It was not even seconds, at least to Eunhyuk, that the bright beam from the outside world shinned through the peachy curtains, signaling off the brand new day.

“Uugh.” He groaned, visibly frustrated. His eyelids lifting, as he took a look on reality and noticing something was absolutely not right, Eunhyuk peered behind his shoulder as a further groan escaped his lips. Just like his husband promised, he was definitely handcuffed once again … but this time to the furniture they were currently on and seeing as the chain wrapped around the horizontal wooden pole of the bed stand, Eunhyuk was ready to pull out his beautiful to-die-for locks.

How in the hell did Donghae do it without him noticing? Who knows?

He could feel his arm go numb as he strongly wiggled his arm. Pleading that the other male had failed into tightening the metal but moaned. His big doe brown eyes then scanned the room before a soft snore snapped him towards his hubby. – And remembering that he and the other had shared the current bed last night, Eunhyuk ignored his flustered body as he sat up straight.

With his chest still shinning in the light, Donghae was still in a bottomless slumber. His hands faded away under the rosy pillows, as well as his lower body vanished underneath the covers of the blanket. There was a present lump as Donghae’s right knee was up, causing the sheets to lift from the position as well. His lips were faintly parted as he continued his soft snores but overall Eunhyuk’s eyes glanced at the male’s visible waist as his eyes captured the view of Donghae’s red boxers slightly peeking from his jeans. He wasn’t a pervert … it was just for a toned body, the red clearly stood out.

Shaking his head, Eunhyuk stole a peek at the male once again. Afraid of the disaster it may cause if the other Lee was awake. “How in the hell am I supposed to get out from this…?” Eunhyuk then questioned, running away from his dirty thoughts and remembering Donghae had thrown the key into on of his jean pockets, Eunhyuk smirked.

All he needed to do now was to get that key and then maybe he could finally get his revenge. “But … how do I get it?” Though it was not even a minute before an idea sprung through his mind and smirking, the redhead gradually moved himself to sit onto the other waist. Straddling him without the knowledge.

His eyes then peered upwards, wondering how the chain allowed his movement and seeing the metal slide against the wooden bar, permitting him to move as long as it’s sideways and not up or down, Eunhyuk happily received his answer. His eyes then glazed down at all the visible pockets.

Totally forgetting the position he was in, he let his hand run smoothly down the other’s waist until he felt the pocket and digging inside, the redhead frowned as the only thing he found were a whole bunch of coins. Big, small, sliver, copper. They were all there.

Returning the money (though keeping a couple for himself, just in-case), Eunhyuk digged hin hand into the other visible pouch, his fingers searching in anxious for a key. – Though it was also a fail as the desired item was not found. Tilting his head back, the older male sighed. What was he supposed to do know … after all he already checked the front two pockets…wait. Eunhyuk’s eyebrows quirked at the remembrance of the back two pouches.

What could possibly go wrong?


After minutes, Eunhyuk smiled. His fingers had finally crawled under the male’s waist, now all he needed to do was to find the pocket. “Thank god he’s a heavy sleeper…” He muttered, as he tried to slide his hand down. “What are you doing…” – “Shit.”

Glancing upwards, Eunhyuk smiled brightly at an annoyed Donghae. The other’s upper body slightly lifting as he let his weight fall on his arms. “I-I-I was just…” Eunhyuk stuttered, he dropped the glaze on the other as he helplessly stared at the toned chest in front, till he finally realized the position and blushed. Donghae on the other hand, quirked his eyebrows at the shy attitude of the other. It was actually he first time to witness such emotion, since Eunhyuk always acted tough towards him. It was slightly interesting.

The flustered male frowned, not even thinking of an appropriate excuse before taking a glimpse of his hubby, who was still watching him. “I was-” He then paused as he felt the other pull him towards him, causing Eunhyuk to place both of his hands on Donghae’s chest for balance, as his body was now leaning forward, just under his hubby’s chin.

“W-what are you doing?” Eunhyuk sneered, before pulling himself faintly up, though still leaning slightly on Donghae’s chest. “You’ll never get the key.” Donghae finally spoke, a smirk spreading his lips as he looked down at his helpless wife. Enjoying the situation.

And realizing he couldn’t hide anything from the other Lee, Eunhyuk scrunched his nose. “Let me go.” He then demanded as he peered upwards. Pleading with his eyes as the situation was just too embarrassing.

“Nah…” Donghae replied seconds after and seeing the other whine, he chuckled. ‘Was he always this cute?’ – “Please Donghae… I … we still have to go to mother’s house remember?” Eunhyuk quickly mumbled, hoping the younger one would feel pity and release his arm. Though it was Donghae he was talking about after all and ready to mutter another ‘no’, Donghae stopped.

He could feel the soft breath of the redhead’s tingle down his chest, he could even feel the constant grind against his hips the other would unconsciously do. – But what made him nearly go aroused was the sight of Eunhyuk’s neck line. The big white shirt of his was falling onto Donghae’s chest due to the source of gravity and with that, the cloth was not pressed against Eunhyuk’s body, causing the fish to catch all sight of the other’s upper body.

He could see the milky pastel skin openly. He could perceive the stunning neck frame that would emerge when the redhead squirms, he could even witness the bony muscles that sheltered his chest. – And he, himself had to admit that the beautiful pale skin of Eunhyuk’s and the sexy tanned skin of his harmonized ever so flawlessly together.

“Donghae…” Eunhyuk repeated as his husband finally snapped away from all the dirty thoughts and nodded. “Are you okay…” – “Yeah…” Donghae quickly responded before letting go of his grip on the redhead. “Now get off me.” He then demanded, watching his wife pout before slowly sitting back straight again. “Once a jerk always a jerk,” he then muttered to himself before pulling himself of the other.

“Thanks to that, I’m not going to un-cuff you.” Donghae growled before slipping off the bed and into the washroom.






Donghae sighed as he entered the rented suite once again. He had just gone out to get some of the luggage from their car and even breakfast for the two and now that he came back, Eunhyuk hasn’t stopped calling his name.

“DDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG Hae.” – “AISH. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT EUNHYUK?” Donghae hissed, completely frustrated as he entered the bedroom once again. His eyes watching his wife’s pouty lips. “Can you un-cuff me now? My wrist is hurting and my arm is numb.” The redhead explained, his voice as childish as it could get. Begging for the other to release him sincerely as Donghae then glazed at Eunhyuk’s arm that was still raised up high due to the cuff.

“Why should I? I’m a jerk after all.” He then teased as he then threw the luggage he got from the car onto the bed. Causing Eunhyuk to perk up at the sight of one of his suitcases. “How did you go get them?” He questioned and Donghae tilted his head. “Well you see, after putting on my shoes, I walked downstairs to the lobby and from there on I entered the parking lot-” – “I meant without your shirt!” Eunhyuk sneered, irritated by his husband’s sarcasm. Donghae chuckled before shrugging, his shoulders lifting. “I wore the shirt I wore yesterday.” He simply explained before pointing to the black shirt he was currently wearing.

And seeing Eunhyuk make an ‘O’ shape with his mouth, Donghae continued to do what he was previously doing and unzipped his luggage, aware of the curious eyes that were watching him do so.

And after picking up a random turquoise sweater, he carelessly threw it on the blankets before he proceeded to slip out of his black tee, once again revealing his well-toned muscles, well more like flashing them to an already reddened Eunhyuk. Though it was only seconds of pure bliss before the younger male threw on his sweater, covering the lusting body underneath.

Donghae then looked back over at an embarrassed Eunhyuk and smirked. “Like what you see sexy?” He muttered just to be attack by a pillow.

“Jerk.” Eunhyuk hissed.

Tags: author: a, fanworks: fanfiction, genre: comedy/humor, genre: fluff, genre: romance, rating: pg-13
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